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 I haven’t read one single pregnancy book (aside from happiest baby on the block), but I have read hours and hours of blogs, forums and websites all about reviews on baby gear. I never realized how many choices are available- seriously its ridiculous. I can’t even tell you how many times I’ve changed my mind! I have always been an extremely indecisive person, so this is literally my worst nightmare.  On the one hand you could say it’s great because you don’t feel limited to two choices and there is something for everyone in every price range, but on the other hand it can be a very overwhelming and time-consuming process!

Now maybe I’m just weird and most people can go to Buy Buy Baby (the most overwhelming store ever) and just look at a wall of 100 strollers and say bam that’s the one and be done with it, but that’s not me. I want to be 100% sure what we buy is exactly what we want! But here’s the thing- this stuff is not cheap and for the most part once you make a choice and start using it, you cant return it- especially with a car seat and stroller- so its kind of a big deal to pick right the first time! I also want to make sure we pick stuff that can be used for any future babies that we might have. 

One thing that is hard about reading reviews is that people are very passionate about the gear they love and hate so reviews can be very biased, additionally there are a lot of people out there who are getting paid to talk about their opinions on certain products…. Soooo it makes it hard to know if what they are saying is really their honest opinion!  Its impossible to say that the things on this list are going to be perfect once the little guy get here- he might hate his car seat and stroller that I so meticulously picked out for him- but as far as my research goes these are pretty top notch picks. So here’s to hoping he loves everything as much as I do!

I also want to point out that these are simply my opinions and choices based on the things I’ve read, tested and people that I have talked to- I not saying there aren't other great products out there. I’m sure there are many moms who have used other products that they have loved and think the stuff I picked are awful. BUT I guess that’s just something I'll have to figure out on my own. Also, once little guy gets here and I figure out what we both truly love I'll report back!

Funny thing is that even though I’ve made decisions about things I would love to have I have only currently purchased a car seat and diapers…. so I honestly wouldn’t be surprised if I changed my mind again before I bought all this stuff!

1. Aden and Anais Swaddle blankets- Apparently swaddling is a magical tool to having a happy baby. Of all the people i've talked to these blankets are by far everyones favorite. We bought a box and they seem super comfy, very breathable and lightweight! 

2. Babyletto Hudson Crib- I am pretty picky when it comes to the crib I want. I want it to be clean and simple, gender neutral, and not out of this world expensive. This crib is very very similar to another crib that I loved that is about twice the price. Ive read great things about it so I'm anxious to see what its like in person. 

3. Uppababy Vista Stroller and Mesa Carseat - Okay this right here is what I have truly spent the most time researching. There were about 5 different strollers I was looking at they each had features that I loved, but I could always find something wrong with every single one, but seriously, the Vista as far as i'm concerned is amazing! After researching the crap out of it I had decided I really liked it, but then I went to the store to test it out and just fell in love. It pushes smooth, has an easy one step fold, stands up on its own when folded, comes with the bassinet and the toddler seat, car seat easily snaps onto it AND the best part? the under basket! You guys its huge! Living in the city I knew I wanted a stroller that had space to put things so this was a big selling point for me.

The carseat was another thing I reallllly spent alot of time looking into. The Mesa has amazing safety reviews, is super easy to snap into the base and the stroller, and the canopy folds away very nicely and isn't bulky. Its just a really nice looking car seat. I was between this seat and the Peg Perego which we also really liked, but because I really wanted a car seat that would easily snap into the stroller we went with the mesa because there are no adapters for the peg yet. 
They are equally great IMO.

4. Solly Baby Wrap- This is something I came across on instagram, I know there are lots of different soft wraps out there and I'm sure they are all equally great so this is really just perference. I really hope our little guy likes being in a wrap! I feel like this is the best way for new moms to feel like they can still have a life because you are essentially still holding your babe but you can have your hands free to do other things. I can imagine that I'm never going to want to put him down so this seems like a great solution.

5. 4moms bath tub- there are so many choices when it comes to tubs too! I like this one because it has a thermometer built in so I will always know the water is the perfect temp (new mom probs). I love that it has a side drain so the dirty water is constantly being replace with new clean water and also like that it can go in the sink or the bathtub. I haven't actually purchased this yet, but its something I think i'd love to have!

6. Mamaroo- What can I say about this... for starters I wish they made it in adult size! I love that it mimics the movements of an actual person rather than just a swinging motion- there are 5 different motion settings! This is one of those products that babies either love or hate, so I'm a bit skeptical whether its worth the investment, but I think I would choose this over a swing at least to start with. 

Well thats the "wish list" these are definitely not the only things I have found that I like but more of the "essential" items that id love to get for our little guy. Let me know if you have any products that you love and think I need to try out! 


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