the dreaded yearly check up that turned into one of the best days of my life

I always find it fun and interesting to for me read about other girl’s experiences and stories with their pregnancies… I know some people find it weird to read birth stories and all that, but I find it so fascinating! I love seeing what other girls are using and buying and what has helped make their experiences better. When I read about someone’s pregnancy I immediately feel like we are friends because I know that these experiences are personal and special so it’s a cool thing to be able to share stories with each other. I also think it’s super important to write down your own experience- something special that you can go back and read and feel all those feelings you once had! That being said I found a little something I wrote back when I was just barely pregnant… about how we found out and some of the thoughts that I had in the very beginning. I’m so glad I jotted it down, because I don’t think I would remember some of these details otherwise. A lot of people have asked me about the details of the pregnancy, so I thought I would share it for anyone else who was wondering :) 

The Day I Found Out I was Going to be a Mom

I had my yearly women’s checkup with my Doctor in Kansas, Dr. Martin. We had just returned back from vacation with my family, oddly enough, I was supposed to have my appointment before the vacation, but the Dr. office called to reschedule the appointment.  Usually my mom comes with me because I hate those appointments- they always make me feel so awkward! She had some other things going on so she couldn’t come and Kent was busy doing something with my brother, Parker, so I just decided I would go by myself. I checked in like normal but for some reason I felt the need to tell the receptionist that I still hadn’t started my period yet. (side note: I have had irregular cycles pretty much as long as I can remember. I had been off birth control for a year because I hated the way it was making me feel… so my periods were here and there, but I started having pretty regular periods around may). So when I told the receptionist she said they would have me take a pee test just to rule anything out. I honestly didn’t think being pregnant was even an option, so I wasn’t expecting anything. I felt like I was in that waiting room foreverrrr! So the nurse finally calls me back and I get on the scale and she says… “Oh your urine test came back positive” and I just look at her and say “ what does that mean?!” I was seriously so confused haha and she says “Oh umm well it’s positive, you’re pregnant!” I just started to tear up because I was so in shock but so excited.. it was so unexpected and I was sad that Kent wasn’t there with me when I found out! The poor nurse looked a little surprised and she said, “oh did you not already suspect anything, Is this a bad thing?” and of course I assured her it was a great thing I was just very surprised. I think she had assumed that I took an at home test and that I was just having them confirm it. The timing was just so crazy.. I wasn’t even supposed to have an appointment that day and I hadn’t even thought that I could be pregnant, but after finding out I was realizing that I was indeed experiencing some of the symptoms (lightheaded, crampy, exhausted), but most of those things just come with having a period so that’s what I assumed was going on.

How I Spilled the News to Kent 

I was so excited to tell Kent, so I hurried home as fast as I could.. I called him and told him that I needed to run an errand so I was coming to pick him up. I always thought when I found out I would be all creative and come up with some cute idea to tell him but I just couldn’t wait, I felt like I was about to explode! So I picked him up after my appointment and handed him the bag of sample prenatal vitamins they had given me… he picked up one of the packages and just stared at it. There was a drawing of a pregnant woman holding her belly on one of the boxes. I think he was in total shock and then he finally looked over at me and said “what the crap? are you pregnant?” I started to tear up again and just nodded my head, and he gave me a big hug … we drove down the street kind of in silence. I think we were both still soo in shock. It’s such crazy feeling to process. I had an appointment to go back to the doctor to have my blood drawn again to make sure that the pregnancy hormones were continuing to increase- basically to confirm it but it was so hard for us to not already be excited! We drove around for a little bit.. I kept getting teary eyed and I think I was still shaking a little bit.

Seeing our Little Babe for the First Time 

Kent and I were supposed to drive back to Philadelphia around the 16th so we could have a good week to settle in before school started, but Dr Martin, who is amazing, said that if we could hang around longer we could schedule our first ultrasound and see the little babe. So we went in August 20th and had an ultrasound.. it was the coolest thing and im so glad that we stuck around to have one! baby was sooo tiny and was really just a little dot moving around but it was the perfect confirmation that this was actually happening.. so after we got to see the little nugget we got to meet with Dr. Martin- she proscribed me some Zofran to help with the nausea and gave us a few words of advice and we were on our way. Still trying to convince ourselves that this was actually happening!

Little Babes First Picture 

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