pregnancy ramblings and a few things that have gotten me through it

Pregnancy is a very interesting time in a woman’s life. Especially, I assume, the first pregnancy. It’s filled with many emotions, struggles and exciting milestones. Over the past 8 months I have gone through many different phases of emotion. I found out pretty early on that I was pregnant (about 4.5 weeks) and because we weren’t technically “trying” I was a little in shock but I think subconsciously I knew before the nurse told me.. if that makes any sense. This is kind of how the progression has gone for me: complete shock, excitement, denial, excitement, nauseous, emotional crying, sheer happiness, nervous, terrified, blissful, content, panic, unprepared, giddy, soooooo excited… and sometimes a weird combination of all of them. 

The first trimester was difficult- I struggled to balance nausea and a full credit semester and being a normal functioning wife. Now looking back I’m glad it was a bit difficult because it has made me truly appreciate all the great days I’ve had since that last really bad day.

As this pregnancy has flown by I have really truly grown to love being pregnant. I have loved everything about the process and realizing how amazing this whole crazy thing is. I know some people will roll their eyes reading that, but its true. I’m in complete amazement every single day and I don’t think I will ever get sick of little boys kicks and movements.  I know that everyone’s experiences and pregnancies are different- some love it, some not as much. I also know that if I am to ever be pregnant again in the future I may have a completely different experience, so I have really tried to enjoy this process as much as possible.

After the first trimester finally passed I have been blessed enough to have had the best experience I could’ve asked for. I sometimes haven’t wanted to talk too much about in fear that I might jinx myself. However, I think it’s important for women to talk about good experiences they have along with the bad ones. I was one of those girls that always knew I wanted to have babies, but I was terrified because of all the stories I have heard. My own mom had horrible pregnancies from beginning to end. Her experiences are almost unbelievable because of how horrible they were! Needless to say I had just assumed I was destined to have the same fate. So I kind of feared what my own pregnancies would be like. Each day that I wake up feeling good is another day I cherish and am so so grateful. That being said it is important for people to know that it is possible to have a great pregnancy- it is possible to feel great and have energy, and to not be a puking zombie that only wants to eat ice cream and pickles (I have yet to crave either of them).  Just because I’ve had a great pregnancy doesn’t mean I don’t have days where I’m lazy and just want to stay on the couch all day and watch Netflix because I haven’t do! I still get heartburn, I often sleep with a heating pad because it helps with a sore back after a long day of walking and I definitely suffer from those dreaded digestive issues that they warn you about. But I love it! and thinking about what I will get out of the end of all this just makes it that much better.

As a first time, soon to be mom, I don’t have a lot to offer as far as advice goes, but I have found it very helpful to stumble upon other girls list of things that have been helpful while pregnant, so for anyone that is interested and for my possible future pregnant self I made one of my own.

1. Carnation Breakfast Essentials – During the 1st trimester I had a hard time wanting to eat anything, not eating made me nauseous but eating didn’t help matters either. So the first few weeks were difficult until I found these! My aunt recommended these to me and they really really helped and they have 13g of protein and they actually taste good! I would drink one right when I woke up and they helped keep the nausea at bay at least for a few hours. I lived off of these, fuji apples and carrots for the first 3 months. Gotta do what you gotta do.

2. Dove Beauty Bar – For some lucky women, pregnancy gives them amazing glowing skin, but unfortunately partly due to my already difficult skin and the horrid winter dryness  I was not one of the lucky ones. I tried numerous expensive washes and lotions, but it wasn’t until I started regularly washing with this dove beauty bar that my face really started to look and feel great. Even if you aren’t pregnant I highly recommend this soap- my mom is the one that turned me on to it, and her skin is beautiful!

3. Aveeno Ultra Calming Moisturizer- I have super dry, easily irritable skin- everything makes me breakout!! But Along with the dove beauty bar and this lotion my skin has been pretty cooperative.

4. Alka-Seltzer Heartburn Chews – Up until about 4 months ago I had never had heartburn before- many people had warned me, but I naively thought that since I hadn’t experienced it yet I would continue to be heartburn free. Boy was I wrong! I had always heard tums worked great and they were fine for me, but these Alka-Seltzer chews seriously save me every night. They are so fast acting and they don’t taste bad! I’m not a fan of the chalky tums texture, so these were a great alternative for me.

5. Neutrogena Moisture Wrap Lotion – You Guys the dryness is REALLLL.. and the need to pee and wash your hands constantly does not help!! I keep a bottle of this on my bathroom counter and use it throughout the day to try and keep my hands from cracking. I really love the smell and that its not too heavy. I’m sure there are other equally great lotions out there but I love this one.

6. Palmers Cocoa Butter Cream for Stretch Marks- Every time I shower I rub this all over my belly, hips and bum. I honestly don’t know if I believe that creams really help you from getting stretch marks. I think a lot of it has to do with genetics and they type of skin you have, but it definitely doesn’t hurt to try and be preventative. I picked this up at target and I really like the thickness and smell of it and haven’t noticed any pesky stretch marks yet (knock on wood).

7. Motherhood Maternity Leggings- Okay its no secret that pregnant woman looove their leggings. I haven’t wanted to really splurge on a pair, so these have been fine for me. Obviously they aren’t super thick so you wouldn’t want to wear them as pants but for lounging and wearing with a long tee and sweater they do the job well at a very reasonable price J.

8. Pinterest - This probably goes without saying and I probably didn’t need to add it but I have used this handy website as a resource ALOT, and I KNOW that you CANT believe EVERYTHING you read on the internet, however it’s a great way to find great blogs and websites and reviews on strollers and carseats (which I have spent many an hour reading).

9. Happiest Baby on the Block- Okay so obviously I haven’t had a chance to use the tips written about in the book so I cant testify to the effectiveness of what is written, but I have really enjoyed reading it. I am the type of person who doesn’t like to read too much because it overwhelms me and kind of freaks me out, but this hasn’t made me feel that way. Numerous people recommended this book to me so I thought I would at least give it a chance. Even though I don’t have a baby yet, the things written really make sense to me and I can see myself referencing this book in the very near future. Stayed Tuned…

10. One A Day Prenatal 1 – Obviously its great to take a prenatal vitamin while pregnant and I’m sure there are lots of great ones out there but this one is great for a few reasons, it already have the DHA and Folic Acid in it so you only have to take one pill, it doesn’t taste fishy and it doesn’t give me nasty breathe/burps… I take one every night before bed to avoid the sickness that vitamins can sometimes give me.

11.  Ovia Pregnancy App and What to Expect App – When I first found out I was pregnant I downloaded a bunch of apps and these are really the only two I still have and look at every day. Ovia has a great calendar features along with many other things- I love the daily updates and how clean and simple it is. The What to Expect app is great too, the post great articles everyday and provides a great resource. Both are free which is an added bonus ;)

SIDE NOTE: A lot of girls rave about pregnancy pillows- I actually bought, a really nice expensive one, but I ended up taking it back. It basically took up the place of another person, so in a queen size bed it was a bit awkward. I also didn’t find that it made me anymore comfortable. That’s just personal preference though! I actually just use a regular pillow to hug or keep between my legs and it works just fine for me.

These are just some things I have used over the past 8 months that I have loved having and because I love seeing what other people use I wanted to share. Most of them are actually things I will continue to use after I’m pregnant as well. 

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