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If there is one thing I love it is makeup. I just love going to Sephora or Ulta and just looking around at all the stuff. Even though I love looking at all the pretty products I’m a creature of habit and when I find products I love, I will usually just stick with them until I find something else that I really love more to replace them with. I have tried tons of different products, both cheap and expensive… especially foundation. As I’ve said before my skin is so sensitive so everything makes me breakout! For most of my makeup wearing days I only used MAC- for everything! But then I finally realized that not all makeup works the same on everyone. I felt that the makeup I was using was not enhancing my skin and features, but rather the opposite of that. Since that realization I’ve been on the hunt for products I can incorporate into my favorite everyday use routine- especially those that my skin will tolerate.

  Some days I love to take my time getting ready, but normally I just do the same thing and if need be I can get ready in less than 10 minutes. I think every girl would benefit from having a quick and simple makeup routine that still makes her feel put together and ready for the day without spending too much time doing so! With the little nugget on the way I think it will be even that much more valuable for me to be able to get ready real quick!

These are my current favorite products/tools that I use everyday…

1. Make Up Forever HD Primer: This primer is great for me because I have a lot of redness in my skin, especially now that I’m super pasty! The green color helps counteract the uneven skin tone.
2. Benefit Erase Paste- This is a great concealer! It really does help cover the dark spots… and for the days your in a hurry just use your ring finger to dap some under your eyes and your face already looks brighter!
3. Benefit Hoola Bronzer- This is a great bronzer! Its not too dark for me, it blends easily, there’s no shimmer and its very pigmented so you don’t have to use very much!
4. Anastasia Brow Wiz pencil- I don’t know what else to say except that you need to buy one of these brow pencils they are truly the best!
5. It Cosmetics CC+ - this is the most recent foundation ive been using and I really really like it. Not only does it already have SPF in it, but it smells great and I love the way it makes my skin look and feel. If you are looking for heavy coverage this probably isn’t for you but its great for everyday wear, especially if you have dry skin like me!
6. Beauty Blender- You guys, the hype on these is real! I love this thing it really does make all the different with blending. I love using it to blend my concealer!
7. NARS kabuki ITA brush- I just recently have been trying to experiment with highlighting and contouring and this brush makes it super easy! There are lots of YouTube videos that demonstrate and make it super easy!
8. NARS Blush- I have been using this color for a while now and I really like the pinky, coral color. You barely need any to make it show up. All their colors are great!
9. Bobby Brown Sparkle Eye shadow (taupe) – This stuff is magical, I know that sometimes glitter can turn people away but this stuff is great and really not the glittery! I literally just use my finger tip to rub in all over my lid and it makes it look like I spent a lot of time and effort on my eyes when really it took me two seconds! 
10. NYX butter gloss- I have tons of these and I really like them.
     Sometimes lipstick is just too much for me but these give you
     just enough color without being too intense. They are
     ridiculously cheap and come in lots of colors!

Let me know if you try any of these or have any makeup favorites I can add to my list! 

- kyndal 

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