four and a half months down...

its hard to believe that we have already been in Philadelphia for almost 5 months! it has really been quite an experience-- mostly great but there have been a few tough moments as well... about a month ago i had a full on break down. all the emotions that i had been avoiding for the past three months finally worked their way out of my system in the form of lots of tears and sadness. i was suddenly realizing that i was in a new place and even though i have truly grown to love it here i was also kinda freaking out and still so unfamiliar with our new life. 

i consider myself a pretty independent person. i don't mind going places alone, and i feel comfortable being on my own when kent has things to do- but at times i have felt lonely and out of place is this big city. i miss my family- the people i used to see almost everyday. i miss the quiet streets and the empty sidewalks, i miss the super target that was around the corner, i miss the cheap groceries and the accessibility of the suburbs. as much as i love riding the subway and walking everywhere (heavy sarcasm here) i really miss my car and being able to drive anywhere i want to go without having to rent a car for $11/hr. since i only had school on tuesday and thursday this semester, there really weren't a lot of reasons to leave the house monday, wednesday or friday. sometimes i wouldn't even see the light of day (our apartment doesn't get much natural light and by much i mean ANY). sooo if i ever do want to go anywhere i have to walk there which is usually fine but lately its been so cold i have to have 5 layers on if i don't want to freeze to death and even with all the layers on i'm still left with a frozen nose and numb hands and feet-- sooo when i leave its usually only for food. don't get me wrong i do love it here, i love that we get to have this experience together- we have already had such a fun time and the memories we are making i will cherish forever (but i think it is important to note that even if my instagram makes it seem like everything is hunky dory all the time - its not :) (just fyi)) 

all that being said... we are extremely happy here and we really love our life right now. i cant even count the number of people that told me "moving away will be the best thing for your marriage- you will become so much closer" i would usually just nod, smile and think to myself "um our marriage is great now, what does that even mean? how can it really make it that much better?" but honestly it has changed things- for the better! its kinda of hard to explain how or why, but it has. i think it is because at the end of the day we are all each other has. we help each other, we make our decisions based solely on each other. despite kent's crazy busy schedule he has been the absolute best ever. he ALWAYS makes time for me. he chooses to study at home so that we can still "hang out". he hasn't forgotten me amongst all the craziness of dental school and it has made me appreciate him even that much more. many dental school wives warned me about how busy he would be and how i would never see him, but i think we have found a perfect balance and i feel so lucky to have such a great guy by my side who works so hard. 

 since being here i have been reflecting a lot about life- thinking about the future and how things are going to change- we will never be at this point of our lives again (no this is not an announcement). things are so simple right now, we don't have any big commitments, no kids, no grown up jobs, and even though we look forward to the days of not living off loans and being able to do "grown up" things we are having a lot of fun right now! we will be in philly for another 3+ years and i cant even image how different things will be then- how many responsibilities we will have. so for now we are trying not to think too far into the future and just enjoy the now- the simple life. i think it is easy to get stressed out about the small things in life like getting a bad grade, or having someone blows cigarette smoke in your face(this happens to me daily btw), and worrying about being down to your last few dollars in the bank account- but when i step back and think about all the great things in my life and how much i have to be thankful for, it really puts things into perspective. tonight as i was looking through my iphoto, i had one of those moments, i came across these pictures and i saw the big picture again, and it brought me back to reality- to what is really important. 

soo about these pictures.. aren't they amazing?! i'm obsessed!! i never had the opportunity to post them and i thought this post seemed fitting for that.  just so happens that our amaaaazing wedding photographer Vanessa moved to Kansas this past year and we were lucky enough to be able to coordinate a time for her to take some photos for us right before we moved to philly. it was right after our 3 year anniversary so it was perfect timing to document a big milestone in our marriage. 

unfortunately i have been horrible at documenting our adventures here in philly, but i do try to make frequent posts on instagram which you can find here if you want to check them out! 

thanks for reading :)

xo kyndal


  1. Explained my worries, stresses, life, etc. to a T. Why don't we talk more often? :)

    1. i have no idea! we really should, us wives gotta stick together and take advantage of all the support we can get! i'm sure we both have equal down time while our men study! :)


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