a little Philly talk

lets talk about Philly! as you have probably guessed we have been so busy since we got here. i was honestly a little nervous that when we moved here i would be bored and have nothing to do, but honestly it has been the complete opposite. we have only been here a month and we are loving it- it has been so fun to explore our new city. surprisingly I still haven't even had any meltdowns or sadness about being homesick, its not that i don't miss my family or being in kansas because i do, but i just really really like it here! waaaay more than i ever expected i would. the weird thing about Philadelphia is that even though it is a big city, it feels so quaint and has an old town feel to it, not to mention all the amazing history and tasty food! everything is so accessible and close to us that we don't even realize that we don't have a car! at first the thought of not having one really freaked me out, but I actually like how stress free i feel without one! (no parking, no traffic, no road rage- all sources of extreme anxiety for me). although i do sometimes wish i could just hop in the car and get to target!

So we started school almost 3 weeks ago, but luckily we had a few weeks before we both started to get situated and have time to do some fun stuff before we got all busy. i will say that i have done more walking in the last month in a half than i have probably done my whole life- now don't be fooled into thinking that im all fit and have lost a bunch of weight, because its actually just the opposite! we have been having too much fun trying all these new yummy food places to think about watching calories! now that school has started though, we are trying to eat at home more and i'm trying to start running at 3 times a week- well actually i'm still at the half walk half run stage but i'm working up to an actual full run!  The actual reason that i am even interested in this whole running business is because i found the most amazing running/biking trail! it runs along the river and it is so amazing- its like i dont even realize im working out and drenched in sweat (until a lady selling me a water bottle asks me if its really hot out because my face is beat red.. haha thanks for that gene mom!)

okay so i've been wanting to post some pictures of our adventures, even though most of them have been posted to Instagram.. so if you've seen then just scroll through, but if not here ya go!!

Reading terminal market!!! the most amazing food market ever.. its a food lovers paradise, donuts, pastries, sandwiches, pizza, greek, soul, american anything you're craving it theres! 

 this is a picture of us inside the market, i think this was a saturday so it was super busy! even got a cute old photo bomber in the back! ha 

 beautiful city hall! this is right in the middle of the city and it is so close to our apartment. i just love all the beautiful architecture here!

 soo kent and i decided to splurge and decided to go to the jay-z and justin timberlake concert, and it was money well spent!! we had sooo much fun and i was able to fulfill my childhood dream of seeing justin in concert!  
 the concert was in the phillies baseball stadium, we were lucky and the weather was amazing, it was supposed to rain that night but to our surprise it didn't, i still would've rocked out in the rain though 

although you can't tell from the picture, we actually had great seats and we were in a fairly mellow section so that was nice.. and we were in the front row of our section so we could sit down! is the stage so cool?! didnt expect anything less from jay-z and JT

 sooo isn't this picture dreamy? this is strathmere beach in new jersey.. it was gorgeous! besides the sandflies i was in heaven... 
 we have met some amazing people since we've been here. one of the married couples that we have become friends with invited us to go with them and i am so happy they did... it was a great way to end our summer break
I finally used the panoramic setting on my phone.. turned out really good i think! 

 this is the iconic LOVE park, im not sure if this one came first or the one in NYC, nevertheless it was very tiny and a little underwhelming... kinda like seeing the mona lisa for the first time.. its still pretty cool though. 

 this is a cool view of city hall on one of our sunday walks.. we have really loved going on walks every night before dinner... its a big deal too because kent doesn't like to take walks! 

 this is the beautiful Rodin museum.. i seriously felt like i was in a beautiful european garden (beside those ugly buildings in the background)

 this is the philadelphia museum of art and these are the famous steps that rocky ran up in the movie.. you can always see people running these and taking pictures of themselves doin the rocky pose. 

 so one night kent and i got bored and decided to go see if we could get cheap tickets to a phillies game.. soo we paid 40 bucks and got these pretty sweet seats! love me some ball park food, fresh air and a little baseball.. 
 this is the outside of the baseball stadium, this is also were the concert was

 I made kent take a picture on his first day of school... blue scrubs for the next 4 years for this guy!

this is a picture from my walk/run today.. here you can see the art museum on the left, the city on the right, and honestly i dont even know what that building in the front but i thought it was so pretty! 

well theres my first photo dump.. i do have some more pictures to share but ill save those for another post.. just wanted to give a little update since it has been a little while!

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