greetings from philadelphia!!

it seems a little unreal to be able to say that we LIVE in philadelphia now! i mean honestly it still hasn't hit me yet.. i still kind of feel like i'm just on a little vacation in a cool city, but then in a few days i will be returning back home to kansas with my family. but... this is not so, they will leave and we will stay and that is just how it has to be.. and to me that is a weird weird thing! i'm glad that we still have a few days left with the fam, i'll have to get back to you on my feelings after they leave and i come to grips with the fact that this is my new reality.  

regardless of how i am going to feel in a few days.. i am so glad that we have had my family here to help us get everything set up. thanks to my professional decorator of a mom, and my handy dad and brothers we have made this apartment a cute and comfortable home.. 

not say this was an easy task!!!

much to the dismay of the men.. we have made 4 trips to ikea, 2 trips to target, 2 trips to lowes - not to mention all the other random store trips in between (all in 4 days time). this has ensued hours and hours of building and organizing and moving furniture. and i'll have to admit i've had my moments of grumpiness- i truly hate moving, mostly because i hate the clutter and smell and sense of claustrophobia that all the boxes bring. but luckily they are ALLL GONE!! and it only took 4 days so i can finally breathe again.

during this whole processes i've realized how much CRAP we have collected over the past 3 years.. and somehow i can rationalize and find a reason to keep every single item of stuff/junk that we have. even the scarf that i had in a box that i havent seen in 3 years or the brand new veggie slicer that is still in the box from our wedding... but i mean come on i might find a way to wear that scarf or use that slicer!!  maybe i need all this "stuff" to help comfort me and make me feel like we are not "alone" here in this new city. somehow, though we were able to get rid of somethings and have found a place for everything else! 

soo i have come to the conclusion in the 5 short days that we have been here, that i really think we are going to love it here, but there are just so many things about living in the city that are so foreign to me. just to name a few...

       1. using public transportation as my main form of getting anywere (i.e. riding the     subway to school- we just bought our passes today and woah they are pricey!)
           we are not bringing our car, and i'm still coping with this... 
 2. not being able to get to target or grocery store in less than 5 minutes (by car)
 3. being surrounded by so many people ALL THE TIME. 
4. all the noises and the smells... if you have ever been to or lived in a big city you know what i'm talking about.
now even though these things (and some other things) may be a little hard for me to get used to there are a lot of really great things that i am already loving about this place...

       1. there is literally amazing food on every corner, now this could be both good and       bad..  if there is one thing i love it is food!!so its a good thing i'll be doing a lot of walking!
       2. our new home! we have had a few little hiccups since being here (AC, washer and dryer), but all in all we are very pleased it really is the cutest place. 
                i seriously dont know how we got so lucky to have found it. i know i've said it before and i will probably keep saying it, but i am seriously in love with it! 
3. the shopping is amazzzzingggg and is literally within walking distance of our
                 apartment. and although i will be in no position to go shop all the time it is still fun to window shop right?! 
 4. the feeling this city has is just so different. there is so much rich history and
              quaintness (is that even a word? ha) and even though like most cities, philly
                does have its scary/ dirty areas- it all the great parts make up for it!! just have to use the buddy system and be home before dark ;)

its crazy to think of how fast time is going by..that we are already here... and its even crazier to think that in 4 years ill be looking back at this move as just a distance memory, and we will be moving on again! i know that this is where we need to be right now and we feel blessed and lucky to be able to have this experience. we are also sooo grateful for all of our family and friends who have been so supportive during this process and journey... thanks for all your love, help and support (you know who you are).

now just as a little side note... i am going to use this little corner of the internet to keep all of our loved ones/ friends updated on our current happenings. i dont really like the word blog mostly because of the reputation and preconceived notions that come with having a blog, but i just find it to be the easiest way to keep people updated and informed :) sooo i am not going to parade this "blog" around and tell everyone every single time i post something. sooo if you are interested in following along with this blog and our current happenings you can find the link on bloglovin (click the link to get there) which will tell you when i have made any new posts or you can just stop by whenever you please. i think bloglovin is also linked to my facebook so if we are "friends" there it will pop up on your newfeed as well! 

i am going to try and post often, mostly for my own purposes ( i really do want to remember this time of our lives!) so if you want to follow along, welcome and stop by often to see what we are up to! hopefully i will have pictures of the house to post soon! until then you can also follow me on instagram (@kyndalmann) to see our current happenings and little snippets of life :) until then.. here is a cute picture i took yesterday

(this is the front door to our building.. isn't it the cutest?!)

thanks for stopping by.. xo kyndal 

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