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Okay soo i've had some issues over here kansas.. It has been so cold over lately, that I just haven't felt like taking any pictures outside.. I know thats a bad excuse but I'm a wuss and I have basically been wearing the same thing everyday anyway... boringgg. I also haven't been able to use photoshop because I got a new computer so I have been using a free trial for the past month and it finally expired! sad day :( soo i haven't been able to do any collages or editing! Hopefully I can get an actual version soon! 
Anyways, I still haven't made any decisions about my hair situation.  I think it will take me a little while to work up the courage to actually do it... but when the time comes I will make sure there is proper documentation and I will show you all the outcome! 

I also have been thinking about making another change... to the blog name. I do like the name I originally picked, but heres the thing... I didn't say this in my post where I explained the name, but I kind of picked it  because at the time we thinking that we were moving to San Francisco and it just seemed fitting.. I didn't want to say anything , because we weren't 100% sure about what was going to happen. I'm glad I didn't now, because obviously im horrible at predicting the future! SO lately I have been feeling like the name isn't as fitting. Now that I have written a few posts I have realized that I want this to be more of a lifestyle blog rather than strictly a fashion or beauty blog. I want it to be a place that friends and family cant keep updated on our happenings while in Philly, but also a place I can post and write about things i love. I am finding that writing this blog is a great outlet for me, and I'm sure you all have noticed that grammar isn't my strong suit, but I do enjoy writing, even if only a few people read it! So the name that we (kent basically came up wit this) have decided on is "penn pals". 
A Pen Pal as described by the dictionary, is "a person with whom one keeps up an exchange of letters", is my case blog posts, "usually to someone far away", also, "a friend made and kept through correspondence". I think this definition is a great way to explain exactly what I want this blog to be. A way to keep in touch with people I love that are far away, but also a way to make new friends! The internet is a crazy thing isn't it? It is so great that we have the ability to communicate through the internet. I know it will be something I become even more grateful for as we move away and use it so stay in touch with everyone that is back home! 
I also feel the name is fitting because of the words themselves. PENN PALS (Both words refer to Pennsylvania! Genius right? PENN and the PA in pals). SO i know it may be a bit cheesy and obvious and I know it seems lame to change a blog name after it has already been named, but I figured the few of you that actually read my silly little blog wouldn't mind too much! Plus we thought it was pretty clever ;) 
So here is to us becoming Penn Pals! 

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xo kyndal and kent 


Greetings from...

The last few months have been quite a whirlwind for us.. there have been a lot of tears.. a lot of frustration and confusion.. but most of all a lot of hoping, wishing and praying!! 9 months ago we started the dental school application process and let me tell you... it is not for the faint of heart. It is a long, tedious, expensive and grueling process. It takes a lot of patience and let me tell you... patience is not one of my strengths. I have had to learn to accept things as they come and just enjoy the ride, but it has been hard at times! 

We never thought this day would come.. 
but ladies and gents it has and we could not be happier about it...

We are sooo happy to be able to say that Kent has accepted an offer to attend Temple University in Philadelphia, and we will be moving there in August! We feel so lucky and BLESSED that Philly will be our home for the next 4 years! Kent has worked so incredibly hard for this over the past 2 years and I am soo soo proud of him for achieving the goal that he set for himself!  

The last 2 years have felt like such a marathon for us, but as hard as it may have been, I feel like I have learned soo much about myself and changed for the better now that it is all coming to an end. My faith in my Heavenly Father has increased immensely.  I have learned how to truly put my trust in him even when I feel like nothing is going right. I have never felt so comforted or guided in my life than I have through this process- it has been such an amazing experience to see what the Lord can do when you have faith in him... I am so grateful for him and his influence in my life! We have been so incredibly blessed and we are so grateful for the support that we have received from friends and family, we could not have done it with out you all! 

If I have learned anything from this process it would be that life is unpredictable, and sometimes hard to bear, but if you can just hold on through the hard parts it is so worth it in the end! Unfortunately we are not in control of everything that happens in our lives.. but sometimes thats the beauty of it all, right? I dont believe in coincidences..I truly believe that things happen for a reason so I know that moving to Philadelphia will be the perfect place for us! Over the next few months I will try stay up to date with this journey we are about to begin, I am really excited to share all of the adventures that we are going to be going through with all of you over the next 4 years! 

OHH and if any of you know anything about Philly and have any advice of places to live, ect.. I would love to hear it! I have never been there and know nothing about the area so any info would help! 

Thanks for reading!

xo kyndal 

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