four and a half months down...

its hard to believe that we have already been in Philadelphia for almost 5 months! it has really been quite an experience-- mostly great but there have been a few tough moments as well... about a month ago i had a full on break down. all the emotions that i had been avoiding for the past three months finally worked their way out of my system in the form of lots of tears and sadness. i was suddenly realizing that i was in a new place and even though i have truly grown to love it here i was also kinda freaking out and still so unfamiliar with our new life. 

i consider myself a pretty independent person. i don't mind going places alone, and i feel comfortable being on my own when kent has things to do- but at times i have felt lonely and out of place is this big city. i miss my family- the people i used to see almost everyday. i miss the quiet streets and the empty sidewalks, i miss the super target that was around the corner, i miss the cheap groceries and the accessibility of the suburbs. as much as i love riding the subway and walking everywhere (heavy sarcasm here) i really miss my car and being able to drive anywhere i want to go without having to rent a car for $11/hr. since i only had school on tuesday and thursday this semester, there really weren't a lot of reasons to leave the house monday, wednesday or friday. sometimes i wouldn't even see the light of day (our apartment doesn't get much natural light and by much i mean ANY). sooo if i ever do want to go anywhere i have to walk there which is usually fine but lately its been so cold i have to have 5 layers on if i don't want to freeze to death and even with all the layers on i'm still left with a frozen nose and numb hands and feet-- sooo when i leave its usually only for food. don't get me wrong i do love it here, i love that we get to have this experience together- we have already had such a fun time and the memories we are making i will cherish forever (but i think it is important to note that even if my instagram makes it seem like everything is hunky dory all the time - its not :) (just fyi)) 

all that being said... we are extremely happy here and we really love our life right now. i cant even count the number of people that told me "moving away will be the best thing for your marriage- you will become so much closer" i would usually just nod, smile and think to myself "um our marriage is great now, what does that even mean? how can it really make it that much better?" but honestly it has changed things- for the better! its kinda of hard to explain how or why, but it has. i think it is because at the end of the day we are all each other has. we help each other, we make our decisions based solely on each other. despite kent's crazy busy schedule he has been the absolute best ever. he ALWAYS makes time for me. he chooses to study at home so that we can still "hang out". he hasn't forgotten me amongst all the craziness of dental school and it has made me appreciate him even that much more. many dental school wives warned me about how busy he would be and how i would never see him, but i think we have found a perfect balance and i feel so lucky to have such a great guy by my side who works so hard. 

 since being here i have been reflecting a lot about life- thinking about the future and how things are going to change- we will never be at this point of our lives again (no this is not an announcement). things are so simple right now, we don't have any big commitments, no kids, no grown up jobs, and even though we look forward to the days of not living off loans and being able to do "grown up" things we are having a lot of fun right now! we will be in philly for another 3+ years and i cant even image how different things will be then- how many responsibilities we will have. so for now we are trying not to think too far into the future and just enjoy the now- the simple life. i think it is easy to get stressed out about the small things in life like getting a bad grade, or having someone blows cigarette smoke in your face(this happens to me daily btw), and worrying about being down to your last few dollars in the bank account- but when i step back and think about all the great things in my life and how much i have to be thankful for, it really puts things into perspective. tonight as i was looking through my iphoto, i had one of those moments, i came across these pictures and i saw the big picture again, and it brought me back to reality- to what is really important. 

soo about these pictures.. aren't they amazing?! i'm obsessed!! i never had the opportunity to post them and i thought this post seemed fitting for that.  just so happens that our amaaaazing wedding photographer Vanessa moved to Kansas this past year and we were lucky enough to be able to coordinate a time for her to take some photos for us right before we moved to philly. it was right after our 3 year anniversary so it was perfect timing to document a big milestone in our marriage. 

unfortunately i have been horrible at documenting our adventures here in philly, but i do try to make frequent posts on instagram which you can find here if you want to check them out! 

thanks for reading :)

xo kyndal


a little Philly talk

lets talk about Philly! as you have probably guessed we have been so busy since we got here. i was honestly a little nervous that when we moved here i would be bored and have nothing to do, but honestly it has been the complete opposite. we have only been here a month and we are loving it- it has been so fun to explore our new city. surprisingly I still haven't even had any meltdowns or sadness about being homesick, its not that i don't miss my family or being in kansas because i do, but i just really really like it here! waaaay more than i ever expected i would. the weird thing about Philadelphia is that even though it is a big city, it feels so quaint and has an old town feel to it, not to mention all the amazing history and tasty food! everything is so accessible and close to us that we don't even realize that we don't have a car! at first the thought of not having one really freaked me out, but I actually like how stress free i feel without one! (no parking, no traffic, no road rage- all sources of extreme anxiety for me). although i do sometimes wish i could just hop in the car and get to target!

So we started school almost 3 weeks ago, but luckily we had a few weeks before we both started to get situated and have time to do some fun stuff before we got all busy. i will say that i have done more walking in the last month in a half than i have probably done my whole life- now don't be fooled into thinking that im all fit and have lost a bunch of weight, because its actually just the opposite! we have been having too much fun trying all these new yummy food places to think about watching calories! now that school has started though, we are trying to eat at home more and i'm trying to start running at 3 times a week- well actually i'm still at the half walk half run stage but i'm working up to an actual full run!  The actual reason that i am even interested in this whole running business is because i found the most amazing running/biking trail! it runs along the river and it is so amazing- its like i dont even realize im working out and drenched in sweat (until a lady selling me a water bottle asks me if its really hot out because my face is beat red.. haha thanks for that gene mom!)

okay so i've been wanting to post some pictures of our adventures, even though most of them have been posted to Instagram.. so if you've seen then just scroll through, but if not here ya go!!

Reading terminal market!!! the most amazing food market ever.. its a food lovers paradise, donuts, pastries, sandwiches, pizza, greek, soul, american anything you're craving it theres! 

 this is a picture of us inside the market, i think this was a saturday so it was super busy! even got a cute old photo bomber in the back! ha 

 beautiful city hall! this is right in the middle of the city and it is so close to our apartment. i just love all the beautiful architecture here!

 soo kent and i decided to splurge and decided to go to the jay-z and justin timberlake concert, and it was money well spent!! we had sooo much fun and i was able to fulfill my childhood dream of seeing justin in concert!  
 the concert was in the phillies baseball stadium, we were lucky and the weather was amazing, it was supposed to rain that night but to our surprise it didn't, i still would've rocked out in the rain though 

although you can't tell from the picture, we actually had great seats and we were in a fairly mellow section so that was nice.. and we were in the front row of our section so we could sit down! is the stage so cool?! didnt expect anything less from jay-z and JT

 sooo isn't this picture dreamy? this is strathmere beach in new jersey.. it was gorgeous! besides the sandflies i was in heaven... 
 we have met some amazing people since we've been here. one of the married couples that we have become friends with invited us to go with them and i am so happy they did... it was a great way to end our summer break
I finally used the panoramic setting on my phone.. turned out really good i think! 

 this is the iconic LOVE park, im not sure if this one came first or the one in NYC, nevertheless it was very tiny and a little underwhelming... kinda like seeing the mona lisa for the first time.. its still pretty cool though. 

 this is a cool view of city hall on one of our sunday walks.. we have really loved going on walks every night before dinner... its a big deal too because kent doesn't like to take walks! 

 this is the beautiful Rodin museum.. i seriously felt like i was in a beautiful european garden (beside those ugly buildings in the background)

 this is the philadelphia museum of art and these are the famous steps that rocky ran up in the movie.. you can always see people running these and taking pictures of themselves doin the rocky pose. 

 so one night kent and i got bored and decided to go see if we could get cheap tickets to a phillies game.. soo we paid 40 bucks and got these pretty sweet seats! love me some ball park food, fresh air and a little baseball.. 
 this is the outside of the baseball stadium, this is also were the concert was

 I made kent take a picture on his first day of school... blue scrubs for the next 4 years for this guy!

this is a picture from my walk/run today.. here you can see the art museum on the left, the city on the right, and honestly i dont even know what that building in the front but i thought it was so pretty! 

well theres my first photo dump.. i do have some more pictures to share but ill save those for another post.. just wanted to give a little update since it has been a little while!


greetings from philadelphia!!

it seems a little unreal to be able to say that we LIVE in philadelphia now! i mean honestly it still hasn't hit me yet.. i still kind of feel like i'm just on a little vacation in a cool city, but then in a few days i will be returning back home to kansas with my family. but... this is not so, they will leave and we will stay and that is just how it has to be.. and to me that is a weird weird thing! i'm glad that we still have a few days left with the fam, i'll have to get back to you on my feelings after they leave and i come to grips with the fact that this is my new reality.  

regardless of how i am going to feel in a few days.. i am so glad that we have had my family here to help us get everything set up. thanks to my professional decorator of a mom, and my handy dad and brothers we have made this apartment a cute and comfortable home.. 

not say this was an easy task!!!

much to the dismay of the men.. we have made 4 trips to ikea, 2 trips to target, 2 trips to lowes - not to mention all the other random store trips in between (all in 4 days time). this has ensued hours and hours of building and organizing and moving furniture. and i'll have to admit i've had my moments of grumpiness- i truly hate moving, mostly because i hate the clutter and smell and sense of claustrophobia that all the boxes bring. but luckily they are ALLL GONE!! and it only took 4 days so i can finally breathe again.

during this whole processes i've realized how much CRAP we have collected over the past 3 years.. and somehow i can rationalize and find a reason to keep every single item of stuff/junk that we have. even the scarf that i had in a box that i havent seen in 3 years or the brand new veggie slicer that is still in the box from our wedding... but i mean come on i might find a way to wear that scarf or use that slicer!!  maybe i need all this "stuff" to help comfort me and make me feel like we are not "alone" here in this new city. somehow, though we were able to get rid of somethings and have found a place for everything else! 

soo i have come to the conclusion in the 5 short days that we have been here, that i really think we are going to love it here, but there are just so many things about living in the city that are so foreign to me. just to name a few...

       1. using public transportation as my main form of getting anywere (i.e. riding the     subway to school- we just bought our passes today and woah they are pricey!)
           we are not bringing our car, and i'm still coping with this... 
 2. not being able to get to target or grocery store in less than 5 minutes (by car)
 3. being surrounded by so many people ALL THE TIME. 
4. all the noises and the smells... if you have ever been to or lived in a big city you know what i'm talking about.
now even though these things (and some other things) may be a little hard for me to get used to there are a lot of really great things that i am already loving about this place...

       1. there is literally amazing food on every corner, now this could be both good and       bad..  if there is one thing i love it is food!!so its a good thing i'll be doing a lot of walking!
       2. our new home! we have had a few little hiccups since being here (AC, washer and dryer), but all in all we are very pleased it really is the cutest place. 
                i seriously dont know how we got so lucky to have found it. i know i've said it before and i will probably keep saying it, but i am seriously in love with it! 
3. the shopping is amazzzzingggg and is literally within walking distance of our
                 apartment. and although i will be in no position to go shop all the time it is still fun to window shop right?! 
 4. the feeling this city has is just so different. there is so much rich history and
              quaintness (is that even a word? ha) and even though like most cities, philly
                does have its scary/ dirty areas- it all the great parts make up for it!! just have to use the buddy system and be home before dark ;)

its crazy to think of how fast time is going by..that we are already here... and its even crazier to think that in 4 years ill be looking back at this move as just a distance memory, and we will be moving on again! i know that this is where we need to be right now and we feel blessed and lucky to be able to have this experience. we are also sooo grateful for all of our family and friends who have been so supportive during this process and journey... thanks for all your love, help and support (you know who you are).

now just as a little side note... i am going to use this little corner of the internet to keep all of our loved ones/ friends updated on our current happenings. i dont really like the word blog mostly because of the reputation and preconceived notions that come with having a blog, but i just find it to be the easiest way to keep people updated and informed :) sooo i am not going to parade this "blog" around and tell everyone every single time i post something. sooo if you are interested in following along with this blog and our current happenings you can find the link on bloglovin (click the link to get there) which will tell you when i have made any new posts or you can just stop by whenever you please. i think bloglovin is also linked to my facebook so if we are "friends" there it will pop up on your newfeed as well! 

i am going to try and post often, mostly for my own purposes ( i really do want to remember this time of our lives!) so if you want to follow along, welcome and stop by often to see what we are up to! hopefully i will have pictures of the house to post soon! until then you can also follow me on instagram (@kyndalmann) to see our current happenings and little snippets of life :) until then.. here is a cute picture i took yesterday

(this is the front door to our building.. isn't it the cutest?!)

thanks for stopping by.. xo kyndal 


Oh hello there...

Soooo i know i  have been absent from the blogosphere for quite sometime. I really have no good excuse except for the fact that its summer and i have have been trying to soak up every single second of it. this is partly because once fall comes i will be in mourning because i will be starting my 6th year of college, but mostly because in less than 2 weeks we will be shipping off to philadelphia and our summer will basically be over- and by shipping off i mean MOVING! i have also really struggled about what i should actually "blog" about. i dont really fit into any specific blogging category (i.e.: fashion, foodie, mommy, lifestyle.... blah blah blogger). and i know that most of the things i have to say are of little or no importance to anyone so i usually dont jump to my blog, but i felt like i needed to write this post...this post is pretty much for my own good, because at this point i need to get these thoughts i have out into the universe so that im not holding on to them anymore. maybe i will never read any of these words i write again or maybe in a few months when i am completely homesick i can come back here and read them to give myself some peace of mind and comfort. regardless of the reason i'm just going to get right into it...

about 3 months ago kent received an email that basically changed the course of the rest of our lives. i know that sounds dramatic, but it really is true. things really will never be the same.. getting into dental school is something that kent has been working toward for the past 3 years and even though i knew that moving was something that was pretty much inevitable, i guess i always just pushed it to the back of my mind and said "oh that wont happen for a while".... ha wellll now- much to my surprise it is happening and it is happening really freaking fast!! 
most of the time i feel like i am on the verge of tears... for many different reasons, but the one feeling that seems to be the most prevalent is sadness. and i know that seems really selfish of me and i admit that it is, but the feeling is still there (more on this later). lately, when i am in a 'sad' mood i go through the list of why i am sad to rationalize my sadness... so these are some of the ones that i have come up with recently: 
        i am sad that i will live so far from away from my family.
        i am sad or rather annoyed that i am having to transferring yet again to another university to
               finish a freakin bachelors degree!
        i am just a tad bit sad to leave my bubble in the suburbs (i know that city life is way more exciting,  
               but the suburb just do it for me!). 
        i am sad that i am SAD for crying out loud- what am i a 3 year old!  

 my list isn't really all that long so i feel like i dont really have that much of an excuse to be sad- expect for the fact that the first reason i listed- is a really biiiiiig reason for me, like big enough that it should count for like 10 other reasons. being able to live in kansas close to my family for the past 3 years really has been such an amazing blessing. i have loved being able to spend so much time with them and i have especially loved that kent has been able to really become "a part" of the family. i feel so lucky to have found someone that completely meshes with them so well! it is going to be hard not to be able to drive to see them in less than 10 minutes whenever we want. unfortunately that is something i think i have taken for granted and now i have less than two weeks take advantage of that luxury i have become to accustomed to.... i know my family will miss him dearly especially my brothers..

at least once or twice a day someone asks me how i am feeling about the move or if i am getting excited.. usually i reply with a simple "good or yes" or even a "yea im a little nervous but i know it will be a great experience/ adventure!" but it has honestly been so hard to put into words how i have been feeling, because i feel sooo many different things all the time! it really isnt just a simple answer.. the things i listed above barely graze the surface of all the things i have been thinking/ feeling. 
I kinda feel like i have been on a weird, exciting, crazy, scary, fast roller coaster and part of me wants it to stop, but most of me wants it to keep going, because i know that its only going to get better. 

although the sadness seems to outweigh all of my other emotions lately, i do have other reasons for wanting to burst into constant tears.. and one of those reasons is how extremely proud and excited i am for kent to finally be on his way to reaching his goal!  it has been a long time coming and to be completely honest... i am actually pretty excited for this crazy new adventure in philly... i mean at least im not moving to nebraska or south dakota, no offense to those places... but you catch my drift.. 

one of the reasons that i do get a little giddy about moving is because of this little place we are going to be calling home... its the one in the middle with the sign on it.. is it not the cutest thing? seriously the streets in philadelphia are the most charming i've ever seen. it is so crazy how different the vibe is there. being in the city is just a whole different experience and i think ill kind of like it.. ill still miss the burbs though! 

i honestly dont know how we got so lucky with this apartment! it truly is a blessing and im so happy about it! it is in an AAAAAMAAZING location! it's close to some of the best shopping i've ever seen (could be verrrrry dangerous!), delicious restaurants, a beautiful park (rittenhouse park), city hall, cool historial sites, and the subway (which we will be using daily- no we will NOT have a car).. i could really go on and on about this place! another amazing thing is that the rent is only $150 more than we are paying now ANDDDDD it is being completely renovated, so it will basically be new when we move in! can someone just pinch me?! now you see why i am feeling a little selfish and self conflicted about moving? 

believe it or not this whole getting my feelings out thing has really helped me see things a little more "sensibly". even though i really love my life now, i dont see why i cant love my life in philadelphia.. i'm realizing it doesn't have to be one or the other... i think i can love my new life without "betraying" my old life.. its still weird to think that my new home will be in philly for the next 4+ years, but i think if i try hard enough i will learn to be okay with it. and if im not careful i might end up loving it more than i thought i ever could! 

i cant promise any more updates in the near future, because i have a feeling the next two weeks will be a whirlwind, but i didn't want this moment to record my feelings to pass me by... so i wanted to take advantage of it. sooo the next time i post ill probably be writing from philadelphia!! how crazy it that?!

thanks for stopping by
xo, kyndal 


penn pals

Okay soo i've had some issues over here kansas.. It has been so cold over lately, that I just haven't felt like taking any pictures outside.. I know thats a bad excuse but I'm a wuss and I have basically been wearing the same thing everyday anyway... boringgg. I also haven't been able to use photoshop because I got a new computer so I have been using a free trial for the past month and it finally expired! sad day :( soo i haven't been able to do any collages or editing! Hopefully I can get an actual version soon! 
Anyways, I still haven't made any decisions about my hair situation.  I think it will take me a little while to work up the courage to actually do it... but when the time comes I will make sure there is proper documentation and I will show you all the outcome! 

I also have been thinking about making another change... to the blog name. I do like the name I originally picked, but heres the thing... I didn't say this in my post where I explained the name, but I kind of picked it  because at the time we thinking that we were moving to San Francisco and it just seemed fitting.. I didn't want to say anything , because we weren't 100% sure about what was going to happen. I'm glad I didn't now, because obviously im horrible at predicting the future! SO lately I have been feeling like the name isn't as fitting. Now that I have written a few posts I have realized that I want this to be more of a lifestyle blog rather than strictly a fashion or beauty blog. I want it to be a place that friends and family cant keep updated on our happenings while in Philly, but also a place I can post and write about things i love. I am finding that writing this blog is a great outlet for me, and I'm sure you all have noticed that grammar isn't my strong suit, but I do enjoy writing, even if only a few people read it! So the name that we (kent basically came up wit this) have decided on is "penn pals". 
A Pen Pal as described by the dictionary, is "a person with whom one keeps up an exchange of letters", is my case blog posts, "usually to someone far away", also, "a friend made and kept through correspondence". I think this definition is a great way to explain exactly what I want this blog to be. A way to keep in touch with people I love that are far away, but also a way to make new friends! The internet is a crazy thing isn't it? It is so great that we have the ability to communicate through the internet. I know it will be something I become even more grateful for as we move away and use it so stay in touch with everyone that is back home! 
I also feel the name is fitting because of the words themselves. PENN PALS (Both words refer to Pennsylvania! Genius right? PENN and the PA in pals). SO i know it may be a bit cheesy and obvious and I know it seems lame to change a blog name after it has already been named, but I figured the few of you that actually read my silly little blog wouldn't mind too much! Plus we thought it was pretty clever ;) 
So here is to us becoming Penn Pals! 

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xo kyndal and kent 


Greetings from...

The last few months have been quite a whirlwind for us.. there have been a lot of tears.. a lot of frustration and confusion.. but most of all a lot of hoping, wishing and praying!! 9 months ago we started the dental school application process and let me tell you... it is not for the faint of heart. It is a long, tedious, expensive and grueling process. It takes a lot of patience and let me tell you... patience is not one of my strengths. I have had to learn to accept things as they come and just enjoy the ride, but it has been hard at times! 

We never thought this day would come.. 
but ladies and gents it has and we could not be happier about it...

We are sooo happy to be able to say that Kent has accepted an offer to attend Temple University in Philadelphia, and we will be moving there in August! We feel so lucky and BLESSED that Philly will be our home for the next 4 years! Kent has worked so incredibly hard for this over the past 2 years and I am soo soo proud of him for achieving the goal that he set for himself!  

The last 2 years have felt like such a marathon for us, but as hard as it may have been, I feel like I have learned soo much about myself and changed for the better now that it is all coming to an end. My faith in my Heavenly Father has increased immensely.  I have learned how to truly put my trust in him even when I feel like nothing is going right. I have never felt so comforted or guided in my life than I have through this process- it has been such an amazing experience to see what the Lord can do when you have faith in him... I am so grateful for him and his influence in my life! We have been so incredibly blessed and we are so grateful for the support that we have received from friends and family, we could not have done it with out you all! 

If I have learned anything from this process it would be that life is unpredictable, and sometimes hard to bear, but if you can just hold on through the hard parts it is so worth it in the end! Unfortunately we are not in control of everything that happens in our lives.. but sometimes thats the beauty of it all, right? I dont believe in coincidences..I truly believe that things happen for a reason so I know that moving to Philadelphia will be the perfect place for us! Over the next few months I will try stay up to date with this journey we are about to begin, I am really excited to share all of the adventures that we are going to be going through with all of you over the next 4 years! 

OHH and if any of you know anything about Philly and have any advice of places to live, ect.. I would love to hear it! I have never been there and know nothing about the area so any info would help! 

Thanks for reading!

xo kyndal 

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